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Applying a new brand to existing trade publications for the Ontario Ministry of International Trade


Ontario Ministry of International Trade


Editor and graphic designer.


This was a challenging project which involved creating 18 different brochures in under a month. The brochure content already existed, but was in need of some content trimming and had to be put into a totally new visual style. Also, to save costs in translating the pieces into up to 8 languages (English, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish, in case you were wondering), all content had to exist in previously translated editions.

I did it, as well as many of the French and Spanish versions, having final versions of all 18 pieces ready for approval in a span of less than two months. Only a small selection are represented here. The full list represents the full gamut of Ontario’s trade prowess, including riveting topics like:

Sectors Subsectors
  • Aerospace
  • Agri-foods
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Cleantech
  • Information and
  • Life sciences
  • Mining
  • Advertising technology
  • Connected cars
  • Digital gaming
  • Energy storage
  • Fintech
  • Green build
  • Mobile technology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Smart grid
  • Water technology


LINK:, Ontario’s internationally-focused website that repeats much of the content that I write/edit in the trade publications.