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Ontario Ministry of International Trade domestic brochure package.


Ontario Ministry of International Trade


Copywriter and designer.


This was an exciting project, as I was hired on at the Ministry of International Trade about three months into trying to complete this project. The purpose of the project was to create a set of brochures which communicated the Ministry’s programs and services to Ontario businesses that were potentially interested in exporting. The original plan involved many more pieces, but at its core we narrowed it down to three pieces:

  1. A general “Ontario export services” brochure that summarized all the available export-related services. This piece was also created with a blank back so the most up-to-date contact information could be printed on it as needed.
  2. An “Export preparation” brochure which detailed seminars, workshops, and funding available to new exporters.
  3. An “Export expansion” brochure aimed at businesses that had already started exporting, detailing how the Ontario government can support them in many different markets worldwide.

This project was hectic, and involved many edits to the copy, two different layout concepts and even a major change in visual style in order to bring it in line with Ontario’s “Global Trade Strategy”. I saw it through to the very end in procuring printing and designing an easily-editable Word document for the contact sheet on the back. It was extremely gratifying to finally have it printed, and the pieces quickly proved popular with our trade consultants.


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