About Kathleen

There once was a girl who loved words. She wrote and learned and studied about words so much that when she grew up, she left the small town she was born in and traveled to a magical city on an island to get a degree in words. Then she moved to a much larger city and learned how to make the words pretty. Finally, she moved to the biggest city in her entire country to learn how to make those words useful to as many people as possible.

Since then she’s worked freelance, she’s worked at an agency, she’s worked for private businesses, and she’s even briefly worked in rock and roll (ask me about the time I got bonked on the head by Gene Simmons). After all this, she remains a writer and designer who craves new experiences.

Hi, I’m Kathleen. Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile for more specific information about my education and work experience. Let’s work together!



Speaks: English (very well), French (poorly), Russian (poorly but enthusiastically).

Reads: almost everything.

Favourite food: cheese.

Favourite colour: brown.

Favourite dead Russian actor: Vladimir Fogel.

Bad at: correctly hearing song lyrics.

Dream superpower: ability to turn into Terry Crews when angry.


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